Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Sentence Types

Sentence types  30th March

Opener sentences
Although  it was dark, we could see the glow worms.
Unless torches were shining in the cave, we saw the crayfish .
Before we went caving ,we got covered up.
Before  we burst with excitement , we fall of the wooden pole.

Serial Patten
We walk into the cave , ready to scream, slip or cry.
Issy was crying , talking, screaming and moving.
In the dark cave, wetas crawled , crayfish swam then saw daylight ..

Interrupter sentence

While we climb through the, Rocky, Hard wall adults watched us. !
We yawn out to bed, tired, lazy, adults told us hurry up. !
While we watched the orienteering being set up, we got ready to run.

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